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Ms Meg Goodison-Farnsworth

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Meg has 18 year’s experience in the management of children, adolescents and families, both in private practice and the public health system in NSW.

Her PhD was clinically based in the development and influences that impact in the management of attention in children. As a Clinical Psychologist she has 15 year’s experience in the management of bladder and bowel problems in children and adolescents.  Within the management strategies, Meg also addresses the fears and behavioural problems that often go hand in hand with continence management.

Meg has a special interest in the sensory problems which arise with gastro oeseophageal reflux disease, feeding and elimination problems and often result in children experiencing significant anxiety, especially around social interactions and schooling, feeding and elimination problems during development.

Meg has extensive experience is assisting children, adolescents and their parents adjust to major medical diseases and disorders.   Management programmes, where needed, can be extended to assist in parental and personal relationship problems  Meg also has many years of clinical experience in the management of paediatric chronic pain and chronic illness.

Meg works with children and their families providing education and valuable management skills and strategies to assist in improving their quality of life.

Meg is the clinical psychologist attached to the bed wetting clinic at Randwick Specialists and provides ongoing continence management for children and adolescents and psychological support for the children and their families.

For more information, please follow the link to Bed Wetting Clinic.

The Randwick Specialists Bed Wetting Clinic is run by Professor Robert Farnsworth.  The Clinic is for both day and night time continence problems.  Professor Farnsworth has 50 years experience in the management of bladder function in the paediatric population in private practice and at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick.  He is a world expert in enuresis, and is a member of the International Children's Continence Society.  On the initial consultation, Professor Farnsworth uses his clinical expertise to explain and educate both the child and their parents on the physiological nature of enuresis and provides a safe place for children to understand their problem and so assist them with keeping the motivation to commence the training program.

The first session is half an hour with Professor Farnsworth, he will where needed refer the child and family to Dr. Meg Goodison-Farnsworth, Clinical Psychologist.  Meg is also a member of the International Children's Continence Society and is fully trained in the management of enuresis.  Sessions with Meg can last up to one hour, but are usually take half an hour.  For every visit to the Clinic, it is important for management that the child comes with a comfortably full bladder, so storage and emptying pattern can be assessed.

We offer a comprehensive range of infant and child health and mental health care services and we ensure our patients have access to the highest quality treatment.

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