Helpful tips for children taking medication

1.       Let your child have a say… they may want to hold their favourite toy or say whether they want to take it in a cup or syringe (for liquid medication). May help them feel less anxious.

2.       Offer encouragement, praise and cuddles… Tell your child how well they’re doing each time they succeed, or even try to take their medication and comfort them with cuddles.

3.       Give a demonstration…Use one of their toys to show them how to take their medicine. Explain what they have to do and that when they take their medicine they will feel much better.

4.       Stay calm and relaxed… It may take a few tries until your child gets used to taking their medication. It is important to not get annoyed with them and keep encouraging them. It may also help to only try a few times and then take a break. You can always try again later.